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You need an independent, oil specific consulting or information on lubricants and operating materials.

A damage in connection with lubricant use must be evaluated or the exact cause of damage must be identified.

A technical conflict about the use of lubricants and operating materials must be cleared judical or extrajudical.

The real status of a lubricant or operating material must be diagnosed,
e.g. as proof for court.

The right lubricant or an equivalent alternative for a special machine must be chosen.

You want to use less types of oil in your company.

You want to export lubricants to foreign countries and need support in marketing or technic themes.

My competence
After my mechanical engineering studies, with a diploma thesis about oil-dust lubrication in a steel mill, I'm active in the lubricant sector since 1971.
After one year working in the technical service of Chevron, I met the sales expectancy as sales engineer in southern Germany. From 1976 until the take-over by Castrol, I was leader of the technical service team, the sales team in northern Germany and all export activities.
1991 my wife Barbara Weismann and me founded the OELCHECK laboratory in Brannenburg. Since this time I deliver expertises for lubricants and operating materials (officially appointed 1995 by the IHK Munich).
I also support middle-class oil manufacturers with sales seminars in Germany and abroad and in counseling interviews with customers and OEMs.

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